A Hobbit Hole

Hi! I'm Rosemary. I'm a teenage girl from Nebraska. I just reblog things I like. Sometimes I write a little bit but I haven't too much recently (gonna get around to it at some point). I'm also really into science!


I think I can call it a part two of series “Carlos being done with Cecil’s shit”.

First thing that came to my mind when I saw this headcanon of Cecil. Unfortunately I don’t know whose headcanon is this.

(via peel-a-potato-with-a-potato)


Can someone PLEASE photoshop Donut and Lopez’s faces on these screencaps

(Source: larvitarr, via the-meta)




Caboose: I miss him.

Tucker: You miss who?

Caboose: Andersmith. He’s a reminder of how close we all are just to not being here one of these days.

Tucker: He wasn’t here any days, idiot! He doesn’t exist!

Caboose: Oh how could you say that? Don’t you believe in the afterlife?


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